Card-lined Candle Straight empire

A classic small lampshade with candle clip fitting. Available hand-gathered or card lined in a range of fabrics


A classic cone shade, this is very popular on traditional and contemporary wall sconces or chandeliers.

The shade is hand-made in our workshops in England. Options to add fringes, contrasting linings and trims are available on request.


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Sometimes you have the perfect fabric for a lampshade, or there is a small piece left-over from a scheme that is too good to go to waste. We can make this into a new lampshade, there are just a few key details to consider. 

1. The weight (or thickness) of the fabric, this can't bee too thick, so sadly upholstery fabric is not the best to use. If you are not sure, please send us a sample with a note of which shade and finish (card-lined or gathered) and we can help advise.

2. Patterns, if your fabric has a pattern with a direction or very large repeat, please get in touch as directional patterns, such as stripes are not a good option on our tapered card-lined shades but do work well on gathered shades.

3. Yields, or the amount of fabric you need. We have devised this handy table for our lampshades, so you can see at a glance the amount of fabric you need. Download here

For more help and advice please visit our Lampshade help page -HELP


Dimensions in inches
4” x 3” x 4”
5” x 3” x 5”
6" x 4" x 6"

Dimensions in millimetres
100mm x 75mm x 100mm
125mm x 75mm x 125mm
150mm x 100mm x 150mm

Dimensions are presented as base x top x slope

Need help?
When we measure lampshades, we take the measurements in a very specific order, it is a tradition that is too engrained in us to change. So to help measure your lampshade or better understand the size of ours here is a simple diagram to illustrate.

 lampshade measuring guide

The first dimension is always the base of the shade so when a shade is referred to as a "12 inch shade" this is the base size.


Candle clip to clip onto an SES candle bulb

Suitable for;
The Henley wall light
Other wall sconces and Chandeliers as images below


We can make and deliver within 2 weeks, however, our work-load can fluctuate at certain parts of the year, with September - November being our busiest. If you require an accurate date please call or email us.  

In the unlikely event of receiving damaged or missing goods, please refer to our terms and condtions for information on how to register the issue and receive your replacements.