Plain Linen Collection: Straight Oval

Perfect for narrow tables.


Dimensions in inches
(10”x5”) x (10”x 5”) x 6”
(12”x6”) x (12”x6”) x 6.5”
(14”x7”) x (14”x7”) x 7”
(16” x 9”) x (16”x9”) x 8”
(18” x 11”) x (18”x11”) x 9”
(20” x 12”) x (20”x12”) x 10”

Dimensions in millimetres
(254mm x 124mm) x (254mm x 124mm) x 163mm
(306mm x 153mm) x (306mm x 153mm) x 165mm
(356mm x 177mm) x (356mm x 177mm) x 177mm
(407mm x 228mm) x (407mm x 228mm) x 200mm
(457mm x 279mm) x (457mm x 279mm) x 228mm
(507mm x 306mm) x (507mm x 306mm) x 253 mm

Dimensions are presented as base x top x slope


Need help?
When we measure lampshades, we take the measurements in a very specific order, it is a tradition that is too engrained in us to change.

On shades that are square, rectangle or oval there are two measurements shown and kept in brackets, the first measurment is the length of the base followed by its width.
So a rectangle that is (500mm x 200mm) x (400mm x 150mm) x 300mm is (500mm long x 200mm Wide) on the base.

To help measure your lampshade or better understand the size of ours here is a simple diagram to illustrate.


The first dimension is always the base of the shade so when a shade is referred to as a "12 inch shade" this is the base size.
If you still need help please call us on 0207 8459 8772


This is probably the most important part to get right when ordering a lampshade. If the wrong fitting is ordered then it will not work on your lampbase. Because of this we have a simple guide below to help. If you are still not sure, give us a call on 020 8459 8772 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

will be provided with a reducer to suit the smaller E14 and Bayonet cap bulbs

This is one of the most common types of fitting. The gimbal (large washer in the centre) is set 1.5" (38-40mm) inside the shade and will hide the lampholder from view. Anything below the lampholder will remain visible, so be careful to check this is right for you.

will be provided with a reducer to suit the smaller E14 and Bayonet cap bulbs

This is exactly the same fitting as the Base E27 gimbal but is fixed to the top of the shade to be hung as a pendant just like the drawing above.

 To work with American lights or our Adjustable carriers only

The central washer is fixed to the top of the shade and needs either Copper & Silk's adjustable carrier or an American lampbase with the harp and finial (the wire part that supports the shade) which is then secured as per the above picture.


These shades are made to your specification and will be completed and delivered to you within 3 weeks.

We want you to be happy with your selection which is why we offer samples of fabrics and advice on the phone or the website. Unfortunately, as these are made to your individual requirements, we are unable to accept returns or offer refunds if you are not happy with the design, colour or size. For all details, please consult our terms and conditions.