Introducing; The Rye table light
A solid brass bistro light, perfect for intimate dining or cocktail bars

Our newest collection is here! 
Inspired by the glamorous Art Deco movement, this small table light is perfect for intimate dining. The hand-made ruffled shade is beautifully gathered within the solid brass rim. Available in three metal finishes and several fabric shade choices, all customisable on our website, this light is a lovely addition to a sophisticated dining or cocktail room.

More to come...
The Rye table light is the first of three designs being launched this month; a partnered pendant light and twin wall light versions are also being finalised to accompany this design with the same focus on material and quality craftsmanship.

Attention down to the last detail
The light has been designed to light the table and faces of dinners, just as candles have done for centuries. With this in mind the top of the Rye light has a frosted diffuser to allow for maximum light from the sides and above but without the glare from seeing the bulb. As the light is fitted with a G9 LED holder, it is dimmable and available in the UK, Europe and the USA. Look out for an update on our new shipping zones.

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