Rondo restaurant at the Hoxton Hotel, Holborn

Ennismore contacted us in early 2020 to discuss the new restaurant opening inside the Hoxton Hotel, Holborn. The interior takes inspiration from Italian bistros with Thornet-style chairs, marbled table tops and a large open bar.. The lights themselves are gentle, informal shades with a loosely gathered top, antique brass metal work and a wonderful flowing "skirt". They resemble linen table clothes as they drape over their wire frames and illuminate beautifully to add drama and atmosphere to the tables below.

The linen shades are made from an Ian Mankin linen, which was supplied to the studio, and all metal work was individually patinated and polished back to create our Antique brass finish. 

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We are still able to accept orders and deliver in time for Christmas. The deadline for gauranteed deliveries before christmas is the 7th December.

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